Choosing the Perfect Curtains for a Home

When the time comes to decorate a new home, the window treatment options can be overwhelming. There are so many varieties to choose from it is hard to determine what will look best in the home. Whether going with custom or ready-made, there are affordable curtains in Singapore to fit any aesthetic. Consider these steps when paring the perfect accessories with the windows in the home.

Primary Goal

Determine what the primary goal of the curtain will be. Is the purpose mainly to block light or are they truly for decorative purposes? The heavier the curtain the more insulation provide as well as the ability to block light. Some have an additional interlining for longevity.

Curtain Rods

The curtain rod can hang between four and six inches above the window frame. They can also go a bit wider on each side of the window. It just depends on the size of the window. There are basic rods, ornamental rods, or even rods with pulley systems that are very functional.


Curtains need to be twice as wide as the window when they are combined unless a pleated panel or framing is being used. Floor-length drapes are the go-to look for most homes unless there is a radiator or something like that obstructing the area where they would fall.

Choosing a Heading

The basic option is a flat heading with hooks where the fabric meets the hooks. Rings are stitched into the top hem for maximum mobility. Also, a popular style is a rod-pocket heading. This has an opening across the top where the curtain will slip onto the rod.

Tie Backs

The use of tiebacks is great for being able to adjust curtains during the day or evening for the desired amount of light. They can complement the curtain and shade and give a look of elegance. A peg is installed on the wall about two-thirds of the way down the window frame to keep the tie backs in place.

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