Foods to Eat For a Healthy Lifestyle

Due to busy daily schedules, more and more people are tending to skip meals. The lack of sufficient nutrients in your body will cause you to suffer from fatigue, stress, insomnia, heartburn, and various other symptoms.

The following are 7 recommended foods you can eat to prevent these symptoms and to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Watermelon Seeds
Watermelon contains a lot of citrulline, a kind of amino acid that facilitates urination. Therefore, it is perfect for people with reduced kidney function or for people who often experience swelling. It suppresses cancer and prevents the accumulation of impurities in the blood vessels. Also, it helps to eat the seeds and the fruit of the watermelon together, without spitting out the seeds, as they play a role in reducing cholesterol. Lycopene, which gives the fruit its red color, eliminates harmful active oxygen in the body and plays a role in cancer resistance. The amount of lycopene in watermelon is about 3~6 times that in tomato or red wine.

Egg Yolks
Eggs have been praised as the most perfect protein on earth. They are known to increase cholesterol levels but if people eat only the white part, cholesterol absorption can be reduced, according to recent studies. Yolk contains lecithin, which prevents Alzheimer’s disease in addition to promoting brain development in children. Therefore, except for those who have hyperlipidemia or diabetes, it is good to eat one egg per day. Yolk also contains an element for preventing eye diseases.

In mackerel, nutrition elements such as protein, fat, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, and vitamins A, B, and D are abundant. In addition, it has high amounts of EPA and DHA, which are only found in fish. These two fatty acids help to adjust muscle contraction of the heart and blood vessels in blood circulation and they help to maintain normal blood pressure by facilitating cholesterol metabolism.

DHA improves memory and learning ability by promoting brain development and activity. Accordingly, it is important for older adults, because their brain function is naturally deteriorating. Both EPA and DHA help to prevent lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, hardening of the arteries, and Alzheimer’s disease, by promoting brain activity through the significant reduction of cholesterol in the blood.

Red Apples
Many inorganic minerals such as fiber, potassium, and vitamin C are contained in apples and its polyphenol component acts as an antioxidant, which prevents diseases. Also, kaempferol and quercetin, contained in the red skin, play a role in suppressing cancer growth by blocking the protein component of the blood vessel that delivers nutrition to breast cancer cells. Apples are an essential food for smokers as they contain substances that protect the lung; this was announced recently in England and the Netherlands. With abundant fiber, it is excellent for easing constipation.

Leeks help one overcome the summer heat; it goes perfectly with traditional Korean fermented soybean paste or Kimchi.

Since ancient times, leek has been known to strengthen the liver, to help blood circulation, to keep the body warm, to improve chronic lumbago, and to cure colds, diarrhea, and anemia.
According to studies, leeks are reported to suppress the induction of the mutation of cancer-generating genes and suppress the growth of stomach cancer, breast cancer, and liver cancer cells. This cancer resistance has attracted attention.

Leek Kimchi and leek soybean paste use leeks as an ingredient. Their cancer resistant properties are also attracting attention.

Also, the leek is a vegetable that goes well with traditional Korean fermented soybean paste. Since ancient times, soybean paste soup containing leeks has helped people with diarrhea or indigestion.

When leek is put into soybean paste soup, it not only reduces the salty taste of soybean paste but also provides vitamins A and C, which are lacking in this paste. Therefore, the leek is an ideal nutritional match.

The cancer-resistant function of soybean paste is well recognized. Leek soybean paste soup must be the perfect food in the age of well-being both for its nutritional and health-promoting properties.

The “highlight of autumn” is the walnut. This old saying is supported by the fact that walnuts have recently proven to be good for memory improvement and the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Rich nutrition and savory tasting meats are packed inside the walnut’s hard, dark brown/yellow shell. Since walnut meats have the same shape as a human brain, people have long believed that eating a lot of walnuts improves brain function. There is another saying: if people in their 40s eat one walnut per day, they will live 10 years longer; if people in their 50s eat one walnut per day, they will live 5 years longer.

The walnut, which is thought to originate from Persia, is a fruit loved by all people of the east and the west. In Korea, people eat it together with other nuts such as peanuts and chestnuts. When people lose their appetite and become weak, they eat walnut porridge in order to recover strength. Also, the walnut is very familiar to us from the expression, “it’s like the inside of a walnut” when things are complicated and people cannot decide what to do.

Hot Peppers
Perhaps no group of people likes hot peppers more than Koreans. Pepper powder is used in most Korean foods. Recently, it has been reported that Koreans’ love of hot pepper is beneficial for our health. Time, a US weekly magazine, reported that Sunchang, a city that has presented hot pepper paste to kings since ancient times, was selected as one of the most famous longevity villages in the world. Time indicated that the people’s diet of fermented foods, like hot pepper paste, along with the clean natural environment of Sunchang are secrets for longevity.