Travel For Great Korean Food

There are many places to travel in California to taste delicious food because of the variety that California presents to its inhabitants. However, if you are looking for great Korean food, you would have to go to the Downtown Los Angeles vicinity. Not only is there a whole little “town” dedicated to the Korean culture and lifestyle, there are many things for everyone to enjoy and to become part of Korea. Here are some great places where you can eat great food in Los Angeles County.

A great place to eat in Rowland Heights is called Ong Ga Nae. This place is a Korean BBQ restaurant, but is not only limited to meat. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and want to eat to your heart’s content, then you should get the unlimited deal that allows you to eat endlessly for around fifteen dollars. They also have Soon Du Bu Chigae, which is spicy tofu stew, as well as Dwen Jang Chigae, which is bean paste stew.

If you’re looking for a great sushi place, you will have to go to Yuki Yama. Their food is delicious for the price that they offer, which is a $7.95 combo, as well as an all you can eat lunch priced at $23.95. They also have very fresh fish; it tastes so good that it practically melts in your mouth. You really only have to press your tongue against the fish and it dissolves.

This next place isn’t exactly a restaurant, but instead it is a bar. It is called Orange, and you can find it right in Korea Town in the big mall complex. Although their beers and soju and liquors are a little bit overpriced, the food that you can order to accompany it is simply amazing. Not only is it incredibly cheap for it’s size, it also goes perfectly with soju, which is the Korean standard wine.

There are many places you can go to find great Korean restaurants, it’s just up to you to find it. If you ever need help looking for restaurants, there are many sites that can help you locate them. is a community educational based for all users. Variety of different how to lessons can be searched in more than 14 different categories. We welcome our users to register and join the TV Lesson community so they can help us develop and fine tune the TV Lesson experience to the community’s needs. Join us and share your own wisdom and know-how by uploading your videos. Many lessons can be found in variety of channels. Sharing lessons can be a great way to connect in community and to increase knowledge. All lessons are carefully hand-selected and filtered to provide the best instructional videos.